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"I love this purchase. It’s the perfect minimalist floor lamp. You can’t beat the price for what it is. It’s super easy to put together. It comes with a remote instead of manually pressing or clicking a switch. It has multiple modes like cool or warm lighting for different purposes like reading, gaming, relaxing. It’s super easy to use, great look, and over all an absolute “10/10 highly recommend” product!"
"This lamp has changed everything for me. I have beautiful indirect lighting in my dining/family room, but over the years everything has gotten dim. This light makes all the difference. I can read the newspaper with breakfast and lunch, and do the Sudoku puzzle with dinner and dessert! It is very easy to control with the remote and offers different modes and levels of brightness. A really winner!"
M. Smith
"I bought one of these a few months ago. I love it so much I bought a second one. The features I love are the dimmable light from a nice glow in the room to bright is a lot of light is wanted. The goose neck lets you divert the light so it's not in your eyes. It also has a remote so I can turn it on and off without leaving my chair. Great product"
"This is a sweet little lamp to read by. The lamp is small and takes up very little space, it has a nice length cord that can reach behind furniture. the remote is really nice and has numerous setting for computer work, reading, gaming, you can adjust the brightness, you can have bright white light, pale yellow, a blueish white, and more. It has a flexible head and produces a lot of light for being so small."
Josie Brown
" i bought 2 of these lamps in yellow to go behind two chairs where there is just not enough light for reading or knitting. i am really happy with the remote feature bcz it alleviates the need to twist and turn to adjust the amount of light, or fumble around turning on/off. i am happy that i was not limited to black, white or nickel finish as i have a lot of color in upholstery and the lamps match nicely."
Marco Estrada
"Excellent quality! I use this with an infrared bulb for 20 min at a time. Gets hot but not too hot to touch and I’m loving the adjustable arm. Allows me to position over different body parts while I lay comfortably in bed. Also, the wide metal hood dispersed the heat nicely. I am very happy with this purchase!">
David C. Richard