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Sam Smith


Sam Smith - DOS design

“Design cannot ignore its relationship with people. For this, the best inspiration is real life. Everything can be designed, and if it is designed well, everything will be better. A good design can improve the quality of life, and it can also Become a way to understand the world.”


DOS design is located in the industrial hinterland of Venice, a famous water city in Italy. It was founded by the famous architects Giorgio Signorotto and Giulio Signorotto. It is an interdisciplinary design office specializing in architectural industrial design and commercial product design.

In the design work for more than 30 years, Design Office Signorotto has always inherited the culture of architecture and rich design practical experience, constantly exploring new possibilities in the interaction between people, products and space life. , Use a broad vision to design each product, and constantly look for the uniqueness of each product.


What My Clients Say

Our hotel needs to replace the lighting system, then asked him to help me design the plan, he recommended me the light effect is very good, the price is also very cheap, thank you very much.
Rachel Coffman
Danish customer
We had him help me design my dining room lighting system. My dining room has warm tones, and after installing his lights, the whole effect of the dining room looks great and has more guests.
Jeffrey Sieben
South Africa customers
All the lights in my villa were designed by him for me. The minimalist style decoration with the lights designed by him made my villa very classy, and my friends all said the lights in my house were beautiful.
Robert Welch
French customer

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