Lighting Designer from Spain

Robin Delaere


Robin Delaere

“Great ideas are designed in an interesting way. Only good works are worthy of being presented. From then on, a wealth of common sense and experience can make you go further.”


Robin Delaere obtained a professional license for product development from the Antwerp School of Architecture and Design, Belgium, and then received design training in California.

He was awarded the honor of working for the King Baudouin I Foundation. He also designs consumer products and furniture products for well-known companies in many countries. Several of his award-winning designs have obtained authorized patents. Robin Delaere often does design work outside of Belgium, and has won many design awards in Germany, France, Japan and the United States, and his design works have been published on many important occasions.


What My Clients Say

Robin Delaere is funny, I had a lot of fun working with him, he is very knowledgeable about lamps and his designs are very personal, simple and beautiful.
M. Smith
Brazil's customers
He is a very communicative designer, and after telling him what I wanted, he quickly gave me a perfect design and the work was great!
David C. Richard
German clients
Robin Delaere did everything I asked of him and designed a lamp I hadn't seen on the market. His design is unique and the effect in my dining room is luxurious.
American customers

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