Some Decoration Cases from Our Clients

Living Room

The living room is the center of home activities. Exquisite decoration and matching of the living room are the key to creating a warm and comfortable home atmosphere. It is also a lighting design that creates a living atmosphere.


The daily three meals need to be completed in the kitchen. The reasonable lighting design is not only convenient for everyone’s daily use, but also creates a good atmosphere in the kitchen. A good atmosphere can bring a good mood to the cook, and it can naturally be made. Delicious delicacies full of love.

Office Space

Lighting is an extremely important part of office decoration. Its color temperature, intensity, and even angle will affect employees’ eye health and visual experience to varying degrees.


The bedroom lamps are best to be warm and comfortable. The lamps emit soft light to create a warm atmosphere for the whole bedroom, allowing you to enjoy the warmth of home.